June 2016 Newsletter Posted June 28, 2016 by LLNM


“Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary” – Gal 6:9

It’s been a challenging six months, yet as always, I thank God for His faithfulness. There is much to be thankful for – and as one door closes, He is always faithful to open up another. We are thankful for each one of you who takes an interest in the ministry and prayers for us. As Gal 6:9 says, we will not lose heart – but continue for as long as He gives us opportunity to spread the good news and bless and encourage the poor in the DR, Haiti, Cuba and India!

In Puerto Plata …

We thank God for the success of the after-school program at the Centre, started last September. Enrolment increased from 15 to 25 students since its inception. In attendance have been a pair of very active 8 yr old twin girls. Mary Esther, who gives math help and teaches some worship dance lessons, has really helped these girls to do much better at school. Young Miguel (14 yrs), loves to come by every day. He has a real servant’s heart to help out wherever needed. Tony initially brought Miguel to the Centre when he was a young boy and it is like a second home to Miguel. We praise God that we can continue to offer a place where youth have a safe place to hang out, as well as hear the Word of God and be encouraged. Ambiorix continues to teach art and lead sports. Ambiorix has been coming to the Centre since he was 5 yrs old and now he is 20 yrs old! We are proud of the wonderful young man he has become and are happy to see him doing well studying electronics. Please pray for Ambiorix’s mother, who has recently been diagnosed with a tumor on her throat.

We continue in supporting Pastor Eliezer with his daily Christian broadcast, also now on the internet. A new open door opened with the local public school in the barrio, where we’ve been invited to visit and sometimes take school supplies.

Aaron returned

JUNE 2016 Newsletter - for Web_Page_1_Image_0004Aaron Dyck returned for a second season of ministry with us from November 2015 to end of January 2016. We are so thankful for Aaron’s servant heart. He spent one week by himself at the Centre in La Vigia —getting a taste of living and interacting with the people on his own. Aaron’s heart is to return to work with us for a longer period. Please pray for him that support will come together for him to be able to accomplish what he believes God has called him to. Whenever I am in La Vigia, the people now ask, “How is Aaron? When will he return?”

And so did Walkerton Pentecostal …

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Board member Don Anness and Pastor Maria from Walkerton Pentecostal Church brought a team to work with us for a week in April. For three days, the team hosted a program for the children and youth at the Centres in Puerto Plata and La Vigia, as well as at Pastor Jamie’s church in Puerto Plata. Bible stories, crafts, games—it was a whirlwind of activity, which was much enjoyed by the young people. It was a first-time mission trip for TJ from Walkerton, who was able to put his musical gifts to good use. He would sing a song in English, then Tony would sing it in Spanish. Both young men worked well together.JUNE 2016 Newsletter - for Web_Page_1_Image_0003

We were also thankful for all the supplies that the team brought with them for the seniors at La Paz y Esperanza Seniors’ Home. Extra funds received are allowing us to install two new windows with screens that will stop mosquitos from entering. The team served a meal for the seniors, prayed with them and did their laundry. Please continue to pray for this outreach.

At the Haitian Village …

We mentioned in our last newsletter that Pastor Ricardo, from in the Haitian Village at Munoz, was very sick with cancer. Pastor Ricardo is now with the Lord. Please pray for comfort for his widow and family. We worked with Pastor Ricardo for many years, taking teams to do Vacation Bible School and youth outreach in the village. We now will be working together with Pastor Patrick, and will continue to help the Ebeneezer Christian School in this impoverished village by visiting and taking supplies.

At La Vigia …

JUNE 2016 Newsletter - for Web_Page_2_Image_0003During the weekday morning program for children, Tony really takes the lead and is doing a wonderful job. In addition to the children’s program, we also visit with the people and share the good news. La Vigia is not an easy place to live and there is very little work apart
from low-paying agricultural jobs. I recently received a donation of a sewing machine from a Canadian donor. It will be great to be able to give this machine to Carmen, a lady we have been ministering since to we first opened the Centre. Praise God, Carmen is overcoming addictions and the bondage of superstitions. The sewing machine will help her in providing for her family. Menito is 14 yrs old. He is a regular at La Vigia. We have given him a Bible and he is really coming along in his faith. On Fridays, we visit the local public school. We thank God for this new opportunity to share the good news with the students and teachers, and bless the school with some supplies. Noticing how we have helped their children, about 17 adults have requested that we start an adult literacy program. Please pray for us, as we endeavor to help them also.

Summer Plans …

It’s always a busy time when the summer rolls around and I am very grateful for the teams that come regularly to help with Vacation Bible School and youth outreach. In addtion to teams from Malvern Christian Assembly and Calvary Chapel in Tennessee, we are excited to welcome a new group of French-speaking young people in August from Temisgamins, QC.


JUNE 2016 Newsletter - for Web_Page_2_Image_0002We continue to support the work in India with Gospel for India with Pastors Christer and Silas. Pastor Christer reports over 3,000 now attending his church, eager to hear the Word of God. Pastor Silas also gives a good report regarding the orphanage, where orphans (age 3 yrs to 13 yrs) are well cared for. It is hoped that a small Christian school can soon be started in the local community.

Thank you to two generous donors, who recently made it possible for us to support two additional projects, a broom-making project for local Christian widows and the construction of a wall around the orphanage.JUNE 2016 Newsletter - for Web_Page_2_Image_0001

We are most excited about the broom-making endeavor, which will allow these widows—all who lost husbands due to religious persecution—to have a means of supporting themselves.






In Closing

It was a wonderful privilege to be able to attend The Independent Assemblies of God Pastor’s Conference in Montreal (May 2-5/16). It was a great time to connect with pastors and overseas workers, to encourage one another and share ideas. Thank you to Pastor Ginette Howse for also inviting me to an evening session of the PAOC General Conference.

And a very special thank you to Berryville Baptist Church, in Winchester, VA that invited me to visit them for one week. It was wonderful to make new friends and I appreciated their kindness in showing me all the sights. It was a lovely time of rest for me!