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“My soul, wait silently for God alone, for my expectation is from Him. He only is my rock and my salvation;
He is my defense; I shall not be moved. In God is my salvation and my glory, the rock of my strength and my
refuge is in God. Trust in Him at all times, you people. Pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us.” Psalm 62:5-8

Life is rarely predictable – especially on the mission field! We have to be open to Holy Spirit’s leading, ready to go in whatever new direction He might call us to go in. Yet whatever changes do come, we know that God Himself is very predictable in His character. He is always faithful, loving and good. He always keeps His promises to us, and will always be our strength and our refuge – just like Psalm 62:5-8 declares.

End of the School Year in Puerto Plata

Our school year at the Centre in Puerto Plata ended on June 12th. We thank God for the interest that the new DR government is taking in education and for the many new schools that have been built. The government is also providing school uniforms and meals for the children, hiring thousands of teachers and updating curriculums at a rapid pace. We mentioned in our last newsletter that both the DR and Canadian LLNM boards agree that it was God’s timing to close our Christian school and redirect resources and energy into what the ministry originally started out doing – evangelizing, discipling, and blessing the local community in practical ways. Please pray with us that all the children who were with us will have a smooth transition into the public school system and that they will remember things they learnt here, most especially that they are loved and valued by their heavenly Father.
Just prior to the end of the school year, the children celebrated Mother’s day. They made some wonderful crafts to give to their mothers, sang songs, and made their mothers feel special.

Moving ahead, we hope to use the Centre for after school activities such as homework help, basic computer and English classes, as well teaching practical and helpful skills such as sewing for the girls and how to fix small appliances for the boys. We will continue to host a youth drop in every Saturday and host various other youth and community outreach activities, such as Bible studies and family movie nights. A big change for the Centre is that we will now be able to host visiting mission teams, something that the ministry of education did not allow while a school was in operation on our premises. We’ll be looking for help to build some bunk beds and basic closets and shelving in the empty classrooms. It will be exciting to have teams on actually on site! I believe it’s a change for the good.

Safari Truck Update

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Thank you to Malvern Christian Assembly and everyone else who donated towards the purchase of a safari truck, which will be an incredible blessing to the ministry. God brought an amazing deal across our path with this used truck, which is in excellent condition.
We will now be able to transport mission teams, as well as host them at the Centre – and possibly generate some income throughout the year to help fund mission projects. As you can see from the photo, the truck is “air conditioned”!
This is another change for the good, and we are thanking God!

Thank you to Aaron Dyck

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Aaron Dyck, a young man from London, ON, spent two months with us from November/14 to January/15. Aaron was a great help and really blessed the children and youth. During his time with us, Aaron worked alongside our team at both Centres in Puerto Plata and La Vigia, as well as at La Paz y Esperanza Seniors Home. He used his musical talents and also gave his testimony at a number of churches. We appreciated Aaron’s willingness to serve. In Aaron’s own words:

“On November 11th until January 13th I went to Dominican Republic to work with Richard. What a blessing it was to serve the people and Richard. As Christ serves, we are to serve also. Immersed in the Dominican culture, I fell more in love with the people. The story of Jesus going to Zacchaeus’ house became real to me, as I was able to go to people’s houses in the Dominican and eat with them and spend time with them. I truly thank God for this trip and can’t wait to go back!”

La Vigia

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Whenever we are at the Centre in La Vigia, two young teens are particularly happy to see us— Melissa and Estrella. They come by after school and love to learn about the Lord, hang out, and help us with cleaning. Melissa is of Haitian descent and lives right across from the centre with her family, her father being one of the many Haitian farm labourers that work in the fields. Estrella lives with her father and brother. The school director at the small rural school here told me that Estrella’s grades have gone up since she has been coming to the Centre, and that she has also seen improvements with other kids we are working with. The local school is very basic, and most of the kids here are sporadic attenders and a little wild. They do not have all the supplies that schools have in Canada. We recently visited the school and were introduced to all the teachers. Please pray for us as we trust God for opportunities to be a blessing and to open a door for us to be able to speak to all the kids at the school and share the love of Christ with them and their teachers.

A Special Visitor for the Ladies & Children

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In February, Rev. Sharon Edwards spent several days with us. She ministered to the ladies at La Vigia, blessing them with her testimony and an encouraging message from God’s Word. She blessed the children both in Puerto Plata and La Vigia by sharing with them also.
We love when sponsors and ministry friends come to visit, and feel it a great privilege to all work together for His glory.

We hope to welcome Christian from Quebec back in July, to work with us again. Christian was a great help to us last year and made good connections with our young people.

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Blessings from Walkerton & Wingham, ON

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In April, groups from Walkerton Pentecostal Church led by Board member Don Anness and Wingham Presbyterian Church visited us. I thank God for the wonderful help we received from these hardworking teams. Below you can see a truly transformed La Vigia Centre, which was painted both inside and out.

The teams also fixed the roof at La Paz y Esperanza Seniors’ Home, and brought much-needed supplies to distribute both at the seniors’ home and Centres in La Vigia & Puerto Plata. The time spent at the seniors’ home affected everyone, as it is quite unlike any such facility in Canada.

It was wonderful to see the young people themselves working together and becoming one unified team as the week progressed. One young man discovered his love for evangelism; others developed their gifts in drama. It was a special blessing to the ladies at La Vigia and the various churches we visited to hear the testimony of one lady from Walkerton. She shared how she had lost her husband and how God helped her through those difficult days. Her message was a comfort and encouragement to many. Please pray that all the seeds that these teams sewed would bear much fruit. Pray that everyone that came and ministered with us, especially for the first time, would be encouraged to continue to use their talents and spiritual giftings to bless and encourage others – wherever God places them.

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Welcome Summer Teams

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We are expecting groups from Virginia, Tennessee and Scarborough, ON over the summer months. The Virginia team will be bringing puppets to both entertain and teach Bible stories to the children in Puerto Plata and La Vigia. The children are going to be so excited! The Malvern Christian Assembly team will be assisting with Vacation Bible School at various locations and hundreds of children attend. Please pray with us for God’s blessing and protection as we minister. In the summer months it’s real dusty and real hot.

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Our Youth

Praise God for each young person He draws to Himself! We continue to keep our doors open and encourage youth to drop by to play basketball, as well as join us for Bible study. We want them to read their Bibles on their own and stay close to Jesus. I thank God for the help I receive in working with the youth from such fine young men as Tony, Roberto and Ambiorix. Ambiorix has been with us for many years and just graduated from high school. He had a difficult home situation, and is just one of many young people who were able to find a haven at our Centre. Young Miguel is now also working with us, helping us around the Centre, and it is a blessing to see him growing in His love for God. Nothing else gives me greater joy! Miguel lives with his mother, brother and three sisters. His father is an invalid and Miguel pays him regular visits. We want to encourage Miguel in his walk with the Lord and help him to go to school. Please pray that I will continue to have energy and God’s wisdom to work with the youth.

India update

What a privilege it has been to work with Pastor Silas with Gospel for India. Pastor Silas and his wife now have 20 young orphans in their care. LLNM is assisting with providing food and clothing for the orphans, and would like to help further with the purchase of simple beds for each child. Lord willing, I will be travelling to India next February to visit Pastor Silas, as well as the other pastors we work with and support in the rural areas. We want to be open to God’s leading and direction as to how we can be more of a blessing. If you are interested in helping to sponsor one of the children, let me know.

Save the Date

Be sure to save the date for one of our Fall fundraising banquets:

  • October 17/15 – Belle River – at The Good Neighbours Club
  • November 7/15 – Etobicoke – at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church

Please continue to keep us in your prayers. Lots of changes; lots of activity during the hot summer months; lots of children/youth/families that need Jesus. In all things and at all times, whatever your life circumstances or in whatever changes of your own you may be adjusting to – May God be your refuge and strength also. I look forward to seeing as many of you as I can in the Fall – Richard

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