December 2016 Newsletter Posted December 11, 2016 by LLNM


“Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary” – Gal 6:9

I love to read the book of Nehemiah. God gave this godly man a burden to re-build the broken down walls of Jerusalem. Nehemiah was wise enough to know that He needed God in every part of the project, so he devoted himself to prayer and fasting. He also knew that he couldn’t do the job alone. He needed others to help him with the hands-on building part. It’s how I feel on the mission field. God gave me the burden to spread the Good News and I know I have to rely on Him and that I can’t do it alone. I am grateful for each one of you that prays for me and the DR team, encourages us, and provides financial support.

Thank you to Calvary Chapel in Tennessee

We’ve been blessed to have had teams coming from Calvary Chapel in Tennessee to assist us with VBS and summer outreach for many years. This summer, Calvary sent two teams, each with over 30 young people – all enthusiastic to serve and bless the children/youth with drama & mime, arts & crafts, games, and Bible stories to encourage them to put their faith in the Lord. As you can imagine, the safari truck during this time was put to good use transporting the team back and forth to various churches, the Haitian Village, and La Vigia.
Please pray that the children/youth ministered to would remember all the good Bible lessons presented to them.

And into the Fall … In Puerto Plata, Flooding at Airport

nov-2016-newsletter-for-web-site_page_1_image_0004Where it has rained and rained and rained – The flooding in the Puerto Plata area has been severe, with many families flooded out of their homes. The damp and mold after a flood bring a lot of sickness and suffering. At the Centre, the strong winds cut out our internet for some time. Please pray for all the families that have been affected by flooding, and that God will protect them from sickness.
Despite the wet and windy start to the Fall, we started our second year of our after-school program at the Centre. Parents told us that they’d noticed improvement in their children’s school progress with the extra help we provided last year. One young man with dyslexia was having a very difficult time with his studies. With prayer and extra help, he is really coming along. Please pray that we will be able to help and bless all the children enrolled in this semester’s program and for grace and wisdom for our wonderful young people, Ambiorix and Mary Esther, who are teaching and working with the children.

nov-2016-newsletter-for-web-site_page_1_image_0003We are so proud and thankful for all the Lord has done in Ambiorix’s life since he first came to the Centre as a child. He is now enrolled at university, taking electronics. Since our last newsletter, young Miguel is now staying at the Centre. His home life was not good and now he is able to sleep at night, away from the night noises of the barrio. Each morning, he is up early (even before me at times) and starts to help with chores without being asked. He is especially helpful in caring for our security team of guard dogs. You can imagine what a blessing that is! Please continue to pray for Ambiorix’s mother (tumor in her throat) Please also continue to pray for our youth gatherings on Saturdays evenings. As funds permit, we would like to start to provide a meal during one of these gatherings.

Las Paz y Esperanza Seniors’ Home

nov-2016-newsletter-for-web-site_page_1_image_0002The new windows purchased by Walkerton Pentecostal Church during their team’s April visit are now installed in one of the bedrooms! The room, shared by four elderly men, is now known as “La Suite”. Mosquito-born diseases such as dengue, malaria, and Zika cause much sickness and the elderly are particularly vulnerable. You can only imagine what it is like to be plagued by mosquitoes from dusk to dawn when you are trying to sleep.

Two things are on my heart concerning the seniors’ home. The first is to raise funds to purchase three more windows for all the sleeping areas. The second is to increase our visits from once a month to twice a month. During these visits we pray with the seniors, prepare a cooked meal, deliver needed toiletry items, and often end up doing some practical services like helping with laundry, giving haircuts (Tony is our barber) and cutting toenails. Often, we are the only visitors to these men who have been abandoned by their families. Please continue to pray for our ministry here. If you are interested in helping us with funds for the windows or to increase our visits, please let me know.

At La Vigia …

We mentioned in our last Newsletter that a group of ladies requested that we start a literacy program for them, in addition to our work with the children. Well, Tony now has about 20 ladies attending a weekly literacy class! As we teach these ladies to read and write, we have the wonderful opportunity to also share about the Lord with them.
Earlier in the year, we hosted a Mother’s Day breakfast, followed by an encouraging testimony time. For the men, we hosted a get together to talk about gaining freedom from drug and alcohol abuse and to encourage them to be good fathers and role models.

Challenges to ministering in this village are the high cost of gasoline to travel back and forth from Puerto Plata, as well as the condition of the rural roads. (It’s a very bumpy ride!) In an effort to be resourceful with our funds and cut down on gasoline costs, I’ve been using propane in the ministry vehicle. It cut down the cost alright, but unfortunately damaged the motor. It will most likely be necessary to sell the vehicle and purchase a new one sometime next year. Please continue to pray for Tony and his family and his ministry at La Vigia. Please pray for wisdom about a vehicle purchase.

And for Christmas …

We would once again like to distribute a small gift to the children at our Centre in Puerto Plata and those who attend our program in La Vigia. For the seniors, we’d like to put together a small bag of toilettries. For the poorer families in our neighbourhood, we’d like to put together a bag of useful food items such as beans, rice, cooking oil, and milk powder, etc. Please pray that we will be able to put together more gift/food bags than last year – as the needs are even greater.

And wishing you all a happy and blessed Christmas and New Year in 2017!

Richard Brochu